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Hi, everyone! I'm sorta new to Dreamwidth, so I am still learning my way around. I bring fic.

(Apologies to subscribers who see this post too many times, I'm just trying to make sure all the right comms get some love ^_^;)

Title: Gundam Geeks
Author: [personal profile] raletha
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Wordcount: 1218
Rating: PG-13/T
Characters: The Gundam Pilots, Howard, and Noin
Genre: Gen/Humour
Warning(s): some language
Prompt(s): for prompt 001 on [community profile] gw500, my user name
Notes: Rules within are based on 2nd edition AD&D. Apologies and affection to Summoner Geeks.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction.
Summary: On Peacemillion, between battles, Howard helps the pilots relax old school.

[ Read it here ]
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In the year After Colony 195, an act of terrorism known covertly as Operation Meteor never happened. Trowa Barton, son of Dekim Barton, aide to the late Heero Yuy, discovered the change in plans that Doktor S (and, separately, the other Gundam scientists) had in mind. When Trowa Barton protested these plans, Doktor S's assistant shot the man, but Trowa did not die. He lived to tell his father, Dekim, of the proposed changes. Dekim Barton then delayed the mission in order to attempt to get the mad scientists to implement the original plan. Thus, Operation Meteor would not happen until AC 200, on the 25th anniversary of the assassination of the politician Heero Yuy.

The year is After Colony 200. Shooting stars are landing on Earth.

Princess Playground is an AU Gundam Wing RP in which Operation Meteor happens in AC 200 instead of AC 195. What will be different now that the characters are five years older?

~ Premise ~ Apply Here ~ Open Characters ~ Ask Questions ~

Taken Characters:
* Heero Yuy
* Zechs Merquise
* Treize Khushrenada
* Dorothy Catalonia
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All right! Thanks to everyone who's joined so far. Feel free to post just about anything GW-related here - pics, fics, recs, discussions, etc. To get things started, here's a brief questionnaire for you all.

I've been thinking about doing a "Gundam Wing 101" panel at anime conventions, mainly because the series isn't near the forefront of people's minds anymore, but I still want to invite new anime fans to go back in the archives a bit and experience the show.

The panel will more than likely be an hour long, so I can't get too too in-depth, but I thought of a couple of topics that I'd like to include.

My question to you all is - if you were running this panel, what topics listed (or any others you can think of) would be most important to impart to someone who's interested in the show but hasn't watched any of it?

Current topics:
1. A brief Gundam franchise biography
2. Available GW official media - manga, TV series, OVA
3. Character intro - one slide each for the five Gundam pilots, Zechs, Treize, Une, Relena, and one slide for other assorted characters (the Doctors, Cathy, Hilde, Noin, others?)
4. Where does GW fit into the Gundam franchise timeline? (discussion of what "AC" means, etc.)
5. Basic spoiler-free story synopsis
6. Current best online references for GW (Official sites, AboutGundamWing, GWingers, Moments of Rapture)
7. General Q&A
8. Panel feedback
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Welcome to [community profile] gundamwing!

This community is for fans of the 1995 anime series Mobile Suit Gundam W, also known as Gundam Wing. We strive to create a friendly, open environment for folks to discuss the show, the OVA Endless Waltz, or anything else related to the series. Posting of artwork and fiction related to the series is also welcome!

To keep the open, friendly environment, please respect and follow the rules below.

1. Keep conversations civil. It's okay to disagree about points of view. But please do not personally bash one another. Moderators may lock your comment thread or ask that you take the conversations to PMs or email.

2. All characters/pairings are okay! No character or pairing bashing. It goes hand in hand with rule #1. Again, civil disagreements about why character A and character B should/shouldn't be in a relationship are fine, but flammable commenents may be deleted and the poster warned or banned at moderators' discretion. This also means that we accept yaoi (male/male), yuri (female/female), and het (male/female) pairings in fanworks and discussion.

3. Please tag appropriately. When posting essays, art, or fic, please tag with the main characters portrayed. Also, please use the "!" tags, such as !nsfw, !character death, etc. as needed. Also, all non-worksafe material posted to the community should be posted as "members only." Links to content outside the community should be labeled with appropriate warnings, including non-worksafe if necessary.

4. Credit appropriately. Please do not post someone else's work as your own. Posts of this nature will be deleted and the posting user will be removed from the community.

5. Have fun!

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